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Eero vs Google WiFi: Which is better?

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Having a reliable WiFi system in your home or office is not all about getting a good package. You need a reliable router to ensure that you can access a good WiFi connection from any location in your home or office. Eero vs Google WiFi are among the leading router brands in the market today that are reliable, convenient and offer the fastest connection.

Below is a comparison between Eero WiFi and Google WiFi to give you a better understanding of the two:

Design & Setup Eero vs Google WiFi

To set up your Eero WiFi, you’ll need to install the Eero app on your device. You’ll install your Eero Router, update the filmware, rename it, and then set your password. With this, your Eero WiFi system will be ready for use. In the event you discover that the network is not as strong as you wanted it to be, all you’ll do is to buy additional boxes and place them strategically.

Elimination of WiFi Dead Zones

Both Eero WiFi and Google WiFi make it possible to get rid of WiFi dead zones in your home or office. Regardless of where you are, it will be possible to stream online without any buffering. When installing these mesh WiFi routers, you’ll place them at strategic locations and your device will safely connect to the one that is nearest.

For Google WiFi, you’ll need to install an app, provide a name to your network, and then set your password. You can connect it to other WiFi points in your home and it will still function perfectly. With the app, you’ll be able to give a priority to the device you want to have special access to the network, control your smart devices, and restrict the use of WiFi network as you wish. 

Cost Eero vs Google WiFi

The cost at which you’ll buy a Google WiFi is lower and this is why most people prefer it. Though the speed is slower compared to Eero WiFi, the ability to connect it to apps such as Netflix is an added advantage. One Google WiFi will cost $129 but if you’re able to buy a pack of 3, you’ll pay $299.

You’ll pay a higher price when buying Eero WiFi but the wider coverage is enough compensation. Whether your home or office is big or small, Eero WiFi is convenient as you can add beacons at will. To buy one Eero WiFi router, you’ll pay $129 and since one will not be enough for your extensive home, you’ll have to make additional purchases. A set of 3 will cost $299, which is the same as the 3 pack of Google WiFi.

Network Coverage

Eero vs Google WiFi compare

When you buy a single Google WiFi router, it’ll cover an area of 1500 square feet which may be too small if your home is big. You’ll need to buy additional devices if you want to get a good connection regardless of your location at home.

Eero WiFi device has a larger coverage as one device can cover up to 2000 square feet. Just like its Google counterpart, you’ll need more than one device if your home or office area is extensive.


With the Eero WiFi, it will be possible to maintain the security of your WiFi connection as you’ll be in control of anyone that connects to it. It’ll be possible to detect potential threats and put a stop to them which makes it very convenient. If you wish to have a more secure connection, you can make additional payments and subscribe to it.

When using Google WiFi, you’ll be able to know the devices using your WiFi network and block any devices whose connection is unauthorized. You’ll also be able to detect potential bottleneck and reset your access points to stop them.

Final Verdict

Which choose between Eero vs Google WiFi? Despite the fact that Eero WiFi has a wider coverage and has additional power features, you’ll get a great deal when you buy a Google WiFi as well.  it is also true that the connection with Google WiFi is not as strong as the Eero WiFi but if your home is smaller, you can settle for the Google WiFi and save more.

All you need is to know what you really want in a WiFi device and the budget you’ve set aside for the same. With this, it will be possible to buy a WiFi system that will give your home the connection you’ve always desired.

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