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The first thing that came to my mind when I browsed for Amazon Echo was, this is going to be this year’s perfect lazy gift. Amazon Echo is extremely convenient for lazy people like me as it is a hands-free smart speaker, controlled by voice. It is much more than a hands free speaker and it can do many cool and awesome things. delivers Echo with a 6ft power adapter and a quick start guide. This is cylindrical in shape with volume ring on the top. The reflex port enhances the woofer output for the deeply produced sounds and eliminates distortion. The 2.5 inch woofer is placed for bass response. The 2.5 inch tweeter does the job of crisply hitting the high notes. This has a light ring, action button, 7- microphone array which features enhanced noise cancellation and far-field voice recognition and microphone off button. I am amazed and it works more than it is described. This is still new to me, but am totally in love with “Alexa”, the voice recognition or the wake up word. I have started using this all time, not only me, my entire family.

I use Alexa to play music and for weather information most of the time. Music is my hobby and it interests me the most because that involves using the whole brain. Ic all out “Alexa, play pink Floyd from Amazon Music“ and I feel wonderful listening music in bed without having any pains of switching on the system, finding the right track adjusting the volume etc. Alexa does all this for me! The more I use Echo, the more Alexa adapts to speech pattern and my personal preferences.

I have customized my Echo device with capabilities to suit my preferences with a feature called “skill” in Alexa App. Is ee a number of skill categories like Go places, Stay Informed, Make your home smarter and be entertained. I was browsing for a list of app and services that can work with Alexa and they are JustEat, Uber, National Rail, The Guardian, The Telegraph, SkySports, Jamie Oliver, Fitbit, Skyscanner, Radio Player, Spotify, BMW and much more.

Echo is essentially an intelligent speaker that offers:
*Hands-free convenience with voice control and can play music, answer question, read book news and a bunch more things.
*Can control light, switches and thermostats.
*Great tool for handicapped persons.
*Saves time and improves my day.

Here are some points from my perspective that need improvement:
*The sound quality is good but not impressive. The Sound is uneven at times and comparing Echo with the other high quality speakers this falls short.
*Complex commands cannot be performed by Alexa like “Alexa, play Pink Floyd and resume by book”
*Can include more languages other than English and German.
*Not Portable, so I have to unplug and plug if I need to take it outside.

In a nutshell, Echo may have some quirks and negatives, but it strives to be better and for people like me who prefer a smart home integration, Echo definitely is a handy option and an absolute pleasure to use. Amazon Echo with its Design, Setup, operation and feature is doubtfully Futuristic.

Author: James Grater

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